Designing and Manufacturing Industrial Electronic Devices

As Platin Elektronik, we design electronic devices by implementing a specific design discipline from documentation to production.

If you want to make changes in your design or you have designs that you are considering to redevelop and if you have any idea, but you have doubts how to realize it,

By working together,

We can create a product by bringing your idea and recent developments in electronic technologies together. We determine how the product would be, what features it would have, what type of consumers it would aim for. You may have a design. Your design may lack documentation. You may only have a PCB (Printed Circuit Board). You may have only a circuit diagram or it may just be a good idea. Whatever you have,

Our job

Is to make producible, cost-efficient, sturdy, secure, environment-friendly designs. When the design is completed, we make prototype PCB functional and subject it to field tests. Due to the data obtained from the field, the required revisions, if any, are performed and we make the product ready for serial production and we carry out serial production of it.

In accordance with our professional service principle, we aim to reach the most rational and proper solutions by discussing jointly at each stage of design and production.

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