Electronic Board Design for Machinery and Firms

As a result of the developing electronic industry at the present time, usage of industrial electronic control systems became unavoidable.

Electronic systems are now being integrated with machines. Accordingly, Platin Endüstriyel Elektronik performs the design and production of industrial electronic boards completely specific to your machine to ensure the control of it. You can make differences using the industrial electronic boards specific to your machine.

Our journey introducing differences to you can be described by the following processes.

Product Description Process :

It is the process of describing technical details and specifications of our product that will replace the control devices you have used in your machine.

Costing and Contracting Period :

It is the process by which we determine the most proper price through calculating all costs as items and make our cooperation official during our journey that we create difference by upgrading the technology of your machine without increasing the costs of raw materials.

The First Prototype and Interface Design :

The first prototype is highly important. The prototype product that will demonstrate that we speak the same language is produced in this process. Also, the design and generation of the control panel which is described as the face of your machine is perform in the same process.

Design Verification and Sample Production :

It is the process in which we agree to produce required number of samples following the completion of designing and prototype production in our journey of distinction.

Field Tests :

Field tests are considerably significant. We complete functionality controls in this process by inserting the sample productions to your machines and conducting one to one tests.

Revision and Preparation Process for Serial Production :

In this process, we complete the preliminary preparations for the final product by making improvements and revisions as a result of the field tests if necessary.

Life Cycle Tests :

In industry, the life cycle of electronic devices are identified as 10 years. Therefore, life cycle of the design created specific to your machine shouldn’t leave you in the lurch. Accordingly, durability tests of the produced design for various industrial conditions are conducted in this process.

Serial Production Acceptance :

It is the process in which we mutually accept the product that has undergone the above-mentioned processes to offer you differences.

Transition to Serial Production :

This process is the last stop of our journey where we make the required preparations for production at the quantities specified in the joint contract and carry out serial production.

We act in accordance with the following principles throughout those processes of industrial electronic design and production to make significant contributions and differences for machine manufacturers:

  • Producing designs specific to firms,
  • Following the technological developments constantly and reflecting them to our designs,
  • Focusing on our customer’s difference,
  • Making the proper design for the first time and every time,
  • Providing our customers with various and economical options via benefit/cost approach.

Platin Endüstriyel Elektronik creates its designs and manufactures them by utilizing the following technologies :

  • Electronic circuit designs
  • Micro-processor software technologies
  • Industrial design technologies
  • Computer software technologies
  • Platin Grup
  • Platin Elektronik
  • Platin Serigrafi
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