SMD Typesetting

As Platin Elektronik, we perform this by ESSEMTEC brand SMD Composing Machine we have.

As Platin Elektronik, we provide our valuable customers with fast and high-quality solutions with single-sided or double-sided electronic boards with a typesetting capacity of 8000 components per hour via ESSEMTECT SMD typesetting machines possessed by us.

In SMD typesetting, we perform lead or lead-free soldering depending on the customer demands.

Our SMD typesetting line can perform typesetting at PCB dimensions from 25mm*25mm to 400mm*300mm and a thickness between 0,5 and 3,5mm.

Following SMD typesetting, PCBs are baked with ±0,5°C temperature sensitivity and ±1°C PCB temperature deviation in our reflow oven with 5 heating zones that can be adjusted from room temperature to 300°C separately. Thanks to this technology, SMD typesetting is performed in accordance with the required temperature condition.

Following SMD typesetting and oven drying, PCBs are examined one by one and if there is any defect related to production process, it is found. The defective PCBs are revised and the defect is remedied. Thus, we deliver defect-free PCBs to our valuable customers.

Platin Elektronik is one of the leading firms that have the most advanced equipment and production techniques in the field of SMD and DIP typesetting in Bursa. With its experienced team, our firm serves our valuable customers for SMD typesetting and soldering of all electronic boards.

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